Have you ever been ever so perfectly happy with someone, perfect blissfulness happiness? Then someone comes along, and slowly changes them, changes everything you ever loved about them. And soon, the person you love becomes the person you loved? It’s painful, so painful. I keep telling myself you’re not the same any more, you’ve changed. You’re not a nice person, you lie, you go behind peoples backs. You’re not that sweet gentle warm hearted man I fell for. And if you ever ask me why I have such a hatred towards her, that, that’s why.

Think it’s finally clicked, why I actually waste my life away doing drugs that could kill me in a second. If people already think I’m ‘fucked up’ ‘weird’ ‘mentally unstable’ why shouldn’t I show them how I can be all them things and more? Why shouldn’t I take as much as an handle and more, just so I can get the buzz of slowly slipping into unconsciousness. Because no one really cares about me anyway.